T.C. Duncan in Santa Fe 1891

tc duncan clipping santa feMy great-grandfather’s brother, Thomas Cation (T.C.) Duncan was a prominent homeopathic doctor in Chicago is the late 1800s.  In March 1891 he took several patients from Chicago to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He wrote a short article for the journal Medical Visitor.  I have the clipping, but not the photo printed in the journal – I think that is T.C. in suit and top hat.

His article:
An Escape from Climatic Rigor.
Chicago, May, 1891. – It was a great relief to a train load of excursionists to emerge from the snow of the north into the balmy Rio Grande Valley in early March.  We left Chicago in a storm of sleet and snow.  Nearly every one on the Raymond and Whitcomb train had taken cold, and beside I had the child of Mayor Longyear wrestling with membranous croup.  In southwestern Kansas the snow disappeared and mild spring seemed at hand, and the sick improved.  As we entered New Mexico the farmers were putting in their spring crops, and our sick all felt decidedly the salubrious change.  If Colorado Springs is a good resort; that New Mexico must be far better in spring, would be self-evident.               — T. C. Duncan, M. D., in Medical Visitor.

sf collage 2He took many photos, some of which have survived.  Last weekend, I tried to take a photo similar to one of his photo of St. Michaels Mission in Santa Fe.  I’ve written more about that and his camera on my photography blog.

TC SF 2 story crop TC SF san miguel church crop

TC SF horno crop

The oven is called a horno and they are still in use today.  Great way to bake in summer without heating up the house.

sf collage 1

TC SF st scene crop

TC SF auction crop

TC SF ranch crop

This camera held from 60 to 150 exposures.  I would love to see all of them!