Why A Genealogy Blog?

I’ve been writing this blog for eight months.  And in that time I’ve accomplished many of the goals I set.  Not that I’m finished, because I want to achieve them over and over.

  1. I want to share family stories and photos with current family and those that will come later.  I probably won’t be around for my great-grandchildren, so this is my way to reach them.

    Julia Fair Bressler

    Julia Fair Bressler

  2. I want to find distant cousins that can add to my lineage or with whom I can share mine.  I’ve already been able to do that twice – once with someone from my maternal grandmother’s family (Oakland) and just last week
    The Oakland Children Eber, Milo, & Albie

    The Oakland Children
    Eber, Milo, & Albie

    someone from my great-grandmother’s family (Fair) contacted me.  And at a recent family reunion I found out that a couple of my Gochenour cousins read the blog.  All of these folks might be persuaded to write some guest posts for me.  I love this!

  3. dearborn houseI want to find homes for the family items that I have inherited.  Things often go down the ‘wrong’ branch of the family tree.  After a few generations of going with the in-laws, the object is far from it’s direct line.  This happened with a photo I had, but someone responded to a blog post, I was able to return it to a more appropriate owner.

These are the things that make me happy.  This is why I write a genealogy blog.  I’ll never know if the information reaches through time to my great-grandchildren, but I’ve done my best to get it there.  And there is a lot more to come.  “Finished” is not a word you often hear in regard to family history research.