Lucia Marie Benfield & William G. Sturdivant

Lucia Marie Benfield and William G. Sturdivant announce their marriage on 23 October 1916 in Wilmette, Illinois.

benfield sturdivant announcement 1916 env

This is another example of a family document going down the ‘wrong’ branch of the family tree.  My grandfather’s third wife saved many family heirlooms that had come to her from our Duncan family.  She gave a box of things to my cousin and he generously gave me a box of papers.  Most of them are from the family of my great-grandfather’s brother’s wife (Emma Osborne Duncan) – some of her cousins.  Well, this is too distant a relative for us to keep these papers.  They need to go home.

benfield sturdivant announcement 1916

And I don’t know the connection of the Benfields and Sturdivants – maybe just friends of Emma’s family.  Someone out there must know these folks!  Please contact me.

There will be more posts with these ‘lost’ documents and letters.