Rolltop Desk

What would you do if you found a vintage, broken rolltop desk on the side of the road?

My father, Frank Claycomb, and his good friend, Otto Eickhoff, did find one that had obviously fallen off a vehicle. They, of course, picked up all the pieces and brought them home. It took a while, but they put it all back together and here they are posing with the rebuilt rolltop desk. 1989.


2 thoughts on “Rolltop Desk

  1. My grandpa did the same thing! He bought a roll-top desk that was in many broken pieces for $1 at an auction in the 1970’s. He pieced it back together, replaced several missing pieces, and made a brand-new rolltop cover. We still have the huge (and heavy) oak desk at my mom’s house. It is nearly identical to the desk in this photo!

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