Easter 1950

Some family had a lovely Easter in 1950.  I just don’t know who they are.  I’m going to guess that they were in California – no one is bundled up for winter!
easter 1950 1smThe woman on the right below looks vaguely familiar.  I know, that’s no help at all.
easter 1950 2sm 
This is another in my ‘lost and found’ category.  Always hopeful that someone will recognize the people in the photos – anyone?




First Grade 1952

Miss Giddings’ 1st grade class at Lindo Park School, Lakeside, California, 1951-2:
1st grade photo a

My photo was cut out some time ago.  These are my classmates.  I’m not giving names because most are still living.  I’m in touch with several folks in this photo, and would love be in contact with all.

Miss Frances Giddings taught us to read – for that she will be high on my list of favorite teachers.

Claycomb – Duncan Wedding

marr lic sycamore

From a DeKalb county paper, 1936.

April 11th is my parents’ anniversary.  They married in 1936, so this would be their 78th.





Announcement from The Wayne Herald, Wayne, Nebraska.

Announcement from The Wayne Herald, Wayne, Nebraska.

Wedding Guests.  I love seeing signatures of family and friends.wedding guests 1936wedding guests 1936 p2Mrs. N. M. Duncan is Nettie MaryJane Patchen Duncan, Harriet’s paternal grandmother.  Mrs. T. L. Oakland is MaryAnn Sanderson Oakland, Harriet’s maternal grandmother.
marriage cert 1936FEC HDC wedding clipping p1FEC HDC wedding clipping p2

Frank Harriet wedding day 2

The newlyweds, April 11, 1936, DeKalb, Illinois

They honeymooned at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago, where they danced to the big band sound of Skinnay Ennis and his orchestra.edgewater beach hotel pc

On their 60th anniversary in 1996, their first great-grandchild was born.   So here’s a very happy 18th birthday to Jack!











Charles A. McCollum 1918 Letter

chas mcc to aunts camp taylor 08261918 envOn August 26, 1918 Charles McCollum wrote to his aunts, Emma Osborne Duncan and Erista Osborne of Racine, Wisconsin.  He was stationed at Camp Taylor, Kentucky.  He’s in Officer Training School – before Camp Taylor, he was at Camp Lewis, Washington.

He is related to Alfred James McCollum of Salinas, California.  And possibly through his mother, he is related to the Osbornes.  I haven’t worked out this relationship – it much too ‘shirttail’ for me!  Emma Osborne married my great grandfather’s brother.  They had no descendants.

chas mcc to aunts camp taylor 08261918 p1chas mcc to aunts camp taylor 08261918 p2chas mcc to aunts camp taylor 08261918 p3chas mcc to aunts camp taylor 08261918 p4chas mcc to aunts camp taylor 08261918 p5Again, I would love to find a descendant of Charles McCollum who should have these letters.chas mcc to aunts camp taylor 08261918 env rev

Alfred James McCollum, Salinas California

alfred james Mccollum 50th anniv 19177Erista Osborne, Racine, Wisconsin, was invited to the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred James McCollum in Salinas, California on July 3, 1917.  It’s a bit frustrating that he gets his full name listed and no name for his wife!  In any case, Erista probably didn’t travel to California for the celebration.

If my arithmetic is right, the McCollums were married on July 3, 1867.  This is another in my “Lost & Found” file – it should be with the McCollum family.

Andrew Richolson, Thomas Oakland, Elmer Oakland

oaklands richolson

Andrew Richolson, Thomas Oakland, Elmer Oakland

Thomas and Elmer are brothers, sons of Ira Oakland and Isabelle Thuestad.

Elmer Arthur Oakland, 1881-1962, married Sena Bjerge.
Thomas Lewis Oakland, 1863-1918, married Mary Ann Sanderson (my great-grandparents).

Mary Ann Sanderson’s sister, Isabele, married Andrew Richolson. (Mary Ann also had a sister Josephine (Adelaide J.), who married Richol Richolson.)

In this faded cabinet card, I especially like the cat and dog.  My guess for the time frame is the 1910s – that would put Thomas Oakland in his 40s.  Do you think that’s correct?

J. E. McCollum, Forestry WWI 1918


j e mcc to aunts france envJ. E. (Edgar) McCollum wrote a letter to his aunts, Emma Duncan and Erista Osborne.  It was May, 1918 and he was stationed in France with a forestry unit, Company F 10th Engineers.  The letter was censored – okayed on the last page.

Now Emma did marry into our Duncans, but this letter really needs to be with Edgar McCollum’s family.

j e mcc to aunts france p1j e mcc to aunts france p2j e mcc to aunts france p3 This is his graduation announcement from Oregon State Agricultural College.
j e mcc OR state comm