Bressler Family 1911

Bresslers 1911Front row L-R:  John Tannehill Bressler, Dorothy Bressler, Julia Fair Bressler, Martha Harker, O. A. Harker, Jr.
Back row L-R:  Ruth Bressler, John T. Bressler, Jr., Kate Bressler Von Seggern, William E. Von Seggern, Maud Bressler Harker.
April 1911.

Kate Bressler and William Von Seggern married in April 1911 – perhaps at the time of this photo.  John, Dorothy, Ruth, Kate, and Maud of the children of John T. and Julia Bressler.  Maud married O. A. Harker and their daughter is Martha.

Wayne, Nebraska.




Dad Loved Cars

Like many young men, my father, Frank Claycomb, loved cars.  I just found some old negatives of him and his friends posing with cars.  Dad is on the left in the first three photos – not sure he owned that car.  All the men look like they could be in Dillinger’s gang.  These would have been taken 1933-35.
men cars 3men cars 2men cars 1FEC cars 1Dad in the passenger seat.

Walter’s Chums

That’s the title on the back of this photo:  Walter’s Chums.  Later someone added:  Audrey Danner, Vern McKenzie, Walter Ely, Donald Wallingford, and Henry Peck.  I don’t recognize the handwriting.  It’s probably DeKalb, Illinois (or Wayne, Nebraska).  Any help will be appreciated.

Birmingham Pennsylvania Class of 1906

Presenting the Birmingham School Class of 1906.
bham class 06Left to Right:  Mabel Cook, Elsie Nice [?], Mary Smith, Edith McCloskey, Sarah Chapin, Lucile McGee, Maude Budinger, Ruth Bressler, Norabel Tyson, Elsa Elder, Reba Carskaddon, Eleanor Franciscus, Margaret Klass, Kate Bressler.

I fear I have misread many names.  Any corrections will be much appreciated.

DeKalb Illinois 4th Grade

This is my Mom’s 4th grade class in DeKalb, Illinois about 1923.  She is on the far left.
HDC 4th grade classLeft row:  Harriet Duncan, Ruth Gustafson, Elvin Carlson, ___, Ethel Shattuck (teacher).  2nd row from left:  Roland Ritzman, Hypatia Mordoff, Alice __, Harold Anderson, Charles Wedburg.
3rd row from left:  ____, Helen Krintz, Frank Gould, Edward Bloomquist,
4th row from left: ____, Louise Johnson, ___, ___, ___.|
5th row from left:  Etola ___, Harry Johnson, Miriam Blomquist, Edith White.
Student teachers at the back.